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Briar Rose is a 15 year old Cattery owner and life long lover of cats of all breeds. Growing up her love of cats started when she found a female cat a week away from having her kits, Briar took care of her and the unborn kits. When they were born she instaintly fell in love with the runt, a small blue/grey tom with a white spot on his chest. She took him in as her own since the mother had 7 other kits to care for and became his surragent mother.


Name: Briar Rose

Nicknames: Briar, Rose, Thorn.

Age: 15

Born: March the 25th, 1997

Country: USA

Story classifiction: Protagonist

Syndromes: Aspurgers, ADD


Briar Rose's mother was only 16 when she was born and her father left not long after. She has not had any contact with her father since then and has ocassional dreams about him, the dreams being memories from her past, before her father left.


Briar is a sweet girl with a big heart for animals. She would never hurt them even if they hurt her first. She does have her moments when her temper will slip, because of this and the rages she goes though then most people are afraid of her.


Briar Rose has medium length brown hair and dark blue eyes. She will usually have her bangs parted to the side as a habit from her childhood. Briar has a scar on her left wrist from were she got cut when she was little but she can not remember how she got cut.


Able to hear as well as a cat and can be just as sneeky.




Classmates and teachersEdit


Mie Stausholm, aka Triple DevilEdit

Briar and Mie is seen to be very close and often roleplays and writes about private life.

Plot in storiesEdit



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