Kelly is an author at, and is a close friend of Mie's. She spends most of her time on the internet, and
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would rather do so instead of living life in the real world. She has been an author on for three years, and wrote many stories that became popular. But much to her dismay, that account got deleted, and she had to start all over again.


Full name: Kelly Chelsey Rowe-Fisher

Nickname(s): Kellz, Chels

Age: 16

Born: January the 15th, 1997

Country: Wales, United Kingdom

Story Classification: Yandere, antagonist

Mental Disorders: Sadism and Antisocial personality disorder(ASPD)


Kelly was born on a cold winters' day, at 11:36pm on a Thursday. Since her mother had a cesarean, it is known that she started to cry inside of her mother's stomach before coming out. The people that got told this, found it very strange, and slightly weird. 

When Kelly was three, her and her family of five moved into a cosy four bedroomed house in a street not far away from where she used to live when she was born. Her family were a happy one, even though Kelly and her younger brother, Jamie, always fought over the silliest of things. Kelly was very quiet and shy, refusing to talk to anyone except for her mother. Only after a few months living in that house, she discovered that the street she lived in was full of violence. For five years, Kelly had to constantly fight with other people, because that was the only way she could survive. 

Kelly got into her first brutal fight when she was four years old. It was a fight between her, and three of the most snobbiest girls in the street. They were about the same age as her. The fight consisted of hair pulling, punching, kicks and rock throwing. Because of this, Kelly recieved a scar on her left eyebrow, and a scar on her right knee and left leg. After her parents discovered that this happened, they moved instantly.

School wasn't a good time in Kelly's life. When she started nursery four weeks after she moved to a different location, she was alone for a good amount of time. She would constantly be laughed at, and pointed at. That was until she made a new friend named Kathleen Harris. Kathleen did have a few friends, but she wanted to befriend Kelly. Everyday, the both of them used to play together, draw pictures and so on. They became good friends. They never argued, and always got on with each other. 

When Kelly went to Primary school, she absolutely hated it. She was still friends with Kathleen, so that was a plus. She was bullied up until the last day of school. Kathleen didn't help her at all, and just left her to suffer. So this is when they had their first major fight. Kelly was sitting on the high part of the field, where all the trees were. She saw Kathleen, and Kathleen went up to her and started yelling at her for not being there for her. This shocked Kelly, because that girl wasn't going through anything similar to what she was going through. After about 30 minutes, they both swore that they would never speak again.

In year three, she was forced to sit at this round table that was full of people from her year. She would constantly get teased by them, and shoved around. The things she would draw/make would get destroyed. This one girl called Megan spread rumours about her, saying that she went on this website that was bad. She wrote it on walls, desks, and even on Kelly's rubber. Since Kelly was very emotional, she would always cry. Due to the fact that she got bullied, she refused to talk to anyone, and would act aggressively to others. She then was diagnosed with Antisocial personality disorder(ASPD).

In year four, being 9 years of age, she discovered anime. She would watch it all the time, and it would actually keep her sane. A few years after that, she became a member of the site when it used to be called She would make a lot of friends on there that went through the same as her. This is when she started to spend all of her time on the internet.

As the years progressed, she got bullied worse and worse. When she started secondary school, she made two new friends called Emily and Llinos. Emily was diagnosed with depression, as Llinos got bullied and teased too. Some of the things that used to happen to Kelly was abuse, getting locked into rooms, money stolen, teasing, name calling and such. This caused her to gain much more stress than what she used to have, and because of this, she started to self harm. 

Kelly got diagnosed with sadism the day she tried to kill her youngest brother. She strangled him in his sleep, and enjoyed it and took pleasure out of it. She would also get thoughts of doing the same to her family members, and harming them in many different ways.

One day, she got a dog called Skye. She was a Siberian Husky. Kelly would constantly be with her, take her everywhere with her, and care for her. Her family never bothered with her, and this is what got Kelly really angry with her family. This then caused fights. As if abuse at school wasn't enough, she started to get abused by her parents. She would sacrifice herself for her dog. Her dog still lives up until this point.

Kelly is mentally and physically scarred. She has self harm marks all over her body, and also the scars from her rough childhood. Kelly keeps herself closed inside of her room, and avoids her family at all costs. 


Kelly is a very quiet and aggressive person. She enjoys tormenting other people, and also enjoyes causing pain, as messed up as that sounds. Kelly is slightly un-emotional, not being able to feel anything related to sadness. 

When Kelly was younger, she was a shy child. She would constantly hide from others, and barely spoke. Kelly also used to be very emotional, which is hard to believe. The tiniest of words could make her cry, and people took a great advantage to that. 

Kelly is a girl that can be easily angered. If you tell her one word that seems wrong, she would start yelling and also start breaking things. This happened most of the time at home. She used to constantly break most of the fragile things.

Kelly has split personalities. One of them consist of being quiet, aggressive, cold, uncaring and sadistic. This personality side is the side she shows in everyday life. She doesn't care for much people anymore, and doesn't trust very easily. The other personality consists of being happy, caring, protective, loud and carefree. She barely shows this personality, but when she does, she either cares for that person, trusts them a lot, or is a good friend of theirs. 

Kelly suffers from Sadism. Being sadistic means that she enjoyes/gains pleasure inflicting pain for others. Kelly gets unstable when she is in the kitchen, because most of the sharp things are kept there. It's like this tiny little voice in her head is saying 'You know what, you should pick up a knife and stab a person'. Kelly also sufferes from ASPD, which means that that she tends to antagonize, manipulate or treat others either harshly or with callous indifference. Since Kelly gets in trouble a lot, she is blamed for it by her mental disorders. Kelly simply blames her bad childhood for making her become like this.

Like Mie, her closest friend, Kelly is a Jashinist, and a very proud one too. She performs the rituals, but she doesn't go as far as sacrificing people, yet. Not many people are Jashinists in this world, so she's glad that she has a friend that is.

Appearence Edit

Kelly has dark brown hair that reaches her collarbones, and chocolate brown eyes that are very sad looking. Kelly is a tall girl, reaching about 5"7. Kelly used to have black hair, but because her mother has black hair, she dyed it brown. Kelly also has numerous freckles all over her body, and is pale.

Kelly is mostly seen in black clothing, which either have a creepy picture on it, or a saying that she likes. The only shoes Kelly likes to wear are converse, black to be exact. Kelly normally wears a black cross necklace with skulls on it. She is hoping to buy a necklace with the Jashinist symbol on it soon. Kelly detests wearing make-up, and will always refuse wearing it, no matter what. 

Abilities Edit

Kelly is a very good hider, since she did it quite a lot years ago. Due to this, she can hide from the biggest troubles easily. 

Kelly is rather skilled with weapons such as knives and guns. She tried out her first gun when she was ten years old, by her uncle. She did complain that it was slightly heavy, and it still is, since she isn't that much of a strong person. As with knives, she carries one everywhere with her, a pocket knife to be exact, or sometimes she carries a razor in her bag when she goes to school.

Kelly is also a good liar. When she lies, nobody has ever seen a sign of her lying on her face, or anywhere. Due to being a good liar, she has good persuasive skills. She can persuade people to buy things, and do things for her.

Kelly is skilled in learning new languages. Kelly currently learns Japanese, Spanish and French. She can pronounce foreign words quite easily, and can remember new words in a matter of hours. It is known that she wants to learn many more languages in the future.



Craig Fisher

Karen Rowe

Jamie Rowe - Fisher

Richard Rowe - Fisher


Emily Dix

Llinos Price

Kathleen Harris

Mie Stausholm


The only thing more pathetic than your lie is you.

I'm not perfect. Never have been. Never will be. If you don't like that, the door is over there.

People always ask me why I don't open up to anyone anymore. The truth is, once you start to like someone, they either move, die or betray you.

Anyone who says anime is "stupid" or "just a cartoon" needs a slap across the head to knock some sense into them for insulting a great genre.

When life gives you an annoying person, you punch them.

You may not find me funny, but the voices in my head think I'm hilarious.

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